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"I found paradise freefalling from the sky, down on the ocean floor deep beneath the waves, up on lofty treetops in lush forests, soaring through clouds and swimming under waterfalls, walking bare-skinned through fire, looking down below from atop mountains.

In my search for bliss, I’d realized it was not something I found, it was something I became; paradise was all around me because it was inside of me." -Marijah V.

Mjai V.'s Worldwide Reach

Mjai V.'s Worldwide Reach believes that simply learning from history is not enough- we must uproot, destroy, and create better alternatives to make way for a brighter future. Our mission and purpose is to educate others about the cultural, economic, educational, and agricultural differences across the globe to create innovative solutions and make a positive difference.

Beautiful Landscape

Meet, Write, & Travel with Marijah V.

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Monday, Wednesday: 8am - 7pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 10am - 2pm​​

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